Considerations When Hiring A Demolition Service

Demolition services come in handy when pulling down your commercial or residential premises. Given the risks associated with demolition work, what should you consider when hiring a demolition service? Below are some insights. 


This is an underrated yet essential consideration when hiring a demolition service. Why does licencing matter? Well, in Australia, demolition contractors must apply for permits before pulling down structures. Without an operating licence, they cannot receive these permits. If they opt to proceed with demolition works without the required permits, you risk legal action and fines from the local council.

Moreover, insurance coverage is a requirement for contractors who wish to apply for demolition licences. Therefore, a licence guarantees that your preferred contractor has the requisite insurance coverage to demolish your commercial or residential building. The coverage comes in handy in case of an accident. For instance, demolition debris could damage a nearby structure or injure someone at the site. 

Equipment and Trained Personnel 

Your next step is assessing whether the demolition service has the resources needed to demolish your building. Start by examining the expertise of the demolition crew. For instance, does it comprise trained and experienced structural engineers and builders? Before demolishing the structure, the demolition crew must make preliminary assessments to establish the structural loads of the various support elements, the soil conditions, and the effect of demolition work on nearby structures. The evaluation plays a critical role in determining a suitable demolition method and sequence. An untrained crew might lack the technical expertise to perform these assessments. 

Then, check whether the company has state-of-the-art plant equipment to demolish the building. For instance, long-reach excavators allow operators to pull down the building regardless of its height. On the other hand, skid steers are essential when demolishing internal walls. 

Safety Precautions

The demolition service must acquaint you with the safety protocols it will observe to prevent accidents at the site. For instance, the demolition crew should install safety signage to keep everyone aware of the prevailing risks. Besides, the company must issue safety clothing to everyone at the site. Further, the demolition crew must ensure that the recommended demolition sequence does not cause the structure to collapse at once. If some structural elements are weak, the crew could install bracing to ensure stability. The demolition service must pull all stops to prevent pollution and air contamination. For instance, asbestos abatement protects the demolition crew and neighbours from inhaling toxic fibres. On the other hand, a safety net and water curtain go a long way in controlling dust.