Top Tips For Programming Motorised Patio Roller Blinds

Motorised straight drop roller blinds are perfect for patios due to their convenience. Motorised models allow easy remote operation compared to manually shutting or opening blinds. It is highly convenient, especially if you have a large patio that requires several roller blinds. However, motorised models must be programmed, unlike manually-operated patio roller blinds. The mechanism is crucial because you cannot operate motorised blinds without programming the system. This article highlights essential tips for easy programming motorised patio roller blinds

Check Rolling Direction

One of the most missed steps when programming an outdoor roller blind is checking the rolling direction. It can be frustrating to find out that the up button on a remote control causes the blinds to drop. In such a case, you will be forced to reprogram the motorised system to eliminate the mismatch. Therefore, you should check the rolling direction of motorised outdoor blinds before finishing the programming. It ensures that the rolling direction corresponds to the appropriate prompt from a remote control. For instance, pressing the 'UP' bottom on a remote control should make motorised blinds roll up and vice-versa.

Set Bottom Limit

Depending on the length of roller blinds, you should configure how far the bottom part of a blind should go. It is critical because the settings determine how much light and privacy you receive. For example, setting your blind's bottom limit is critical if you stay in a pest-infested area. Notably, some people prefer to leave a small gap between the blinds and the floor. Others do not mind letting blinds drop to the floor. Whichever your preference, remember that manufacturers provide unlimited options to meet unique user needs. Setting the bottom limit on most motorised outdoor blinds can be achieved by pressing the 'DOWN' button followed by a double press of the 'STOP' after reaching the desired position.

Group Multiple Blinds

Many homeowners who install multiple outdoor blinds on their patios are unaware that the treatments can be grouped and operated as a unit. If you belong to the cohort, the chances are high that you operate each blind individually. While motorised outdoor blinds are easy to work with, separately operating individual blinds can be frustrating at some point. You should group multiple outdoor blinds on one channel. For instance, if you have a centre blind flanked by two others on the left and right sides, you can group the flanking blinds for efficient operation.