Benefits of Composite Decking in Heavy Rainfall Areas

Most homeowners want a deck added to their home. This may be for private use or for entertaining during different seasons. The design of the deck, size, and use is less important than the materials you use. The materials can make a difference in how you maintain your new addition and how many possible repairs you will face. One of the materials you can choose is composite. Here are some of the benefits of using this material in heavy rainfall areas.


A leading benefit to composite decking deals with warping. With traditional decking materials, such as wood, warping is possible This is especially true in heavy rainfall areas where wood may not dry out completely between the rainfalls and storms. When you add heavy winds to that rain, you can also increase the chance of warping to the wood. With composite material you do not have to worry about warping since composite materials do not warp. This reduces the chances of warping related repairs or replacements. 


When there is heavy rainfall, some woods can begin to crack. This also happens in areas that experience both heavy rain and heavy snow. The water gets into the wood and expands it. The wood can then start to crack and cause deeper areas for water to dwell. The water can get into those areas and cause more swelling of the wood which leads to more cracking. The cracks can cause break down of the wood, wood rot, and even mould. Composite decking does not crack, which means less chance of water damage and mould. 


As rain falls, it can pool in some areas. You may have very small areas of your deck where water can pool. Even the smallest area of pooling on traditional wood decks can dry and leave mould behind. With composite decking, moulding is reduced greatly. If there is any mould, it is only the surface and will not get into the interior of the decking. This means that any mould or mildew can be easily cleaned off with routine cleaning of the deck. 

Your general contractor can help with your deck design, the composite decking installation, and questions you have about pricing. They can also offer upgrades to your deck that can give you more storage or special areas such as fire pits and integrated seating. If you have specific design ideas or specifications, you can discuss them with your contractor during the consultation appointment. Learn more from a contractor today like Grovetern Timberlast Pty Ltd.