Three Things To Consider When Buying An Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring, whether you're hoping for a traditional diamond engagement ring or something more unusual, can be really exciting. However, it is undeniably hard to buy a piece of jewellery for someone who can't offer any input on it, especially if your engagement is a complete surprise. This brief guide explains three things you should consider in order to make a perfect choice.

Choose A Meaningful Stone

Traditionally, engagement rings tend to contain one or more diamonds in their natural, sparkling colour. However, you should still think of your loved one's preferences and tastes when choosing a ring. If you know they don't like diamonds but love rubies, take that into account. If you know they hate huge stones, then consider a ring with multiple smaller stones. You could also try a coloured diamond to integrate their personality with tradition. Think carefully about what your loved one might like and whether the traditional diamond engagement ring is something they would value. Once you've chosen a stone, you will be in a much better position to choose a ring.

Think About The Band

In addition to choosing the stone for your loved one's engagement ring, you will need to choose a band that suits their style and is comfortable for everyday wear. Different metals have different benefits. For example, yellow gold offers a classic look, but platinum is long-lasting and fade-resistant. As well as choosing a metal, you also need to pick the right size. If you can't find a subtle way to find out their ring size, ask a close friend or family member or take a ring they regularly wear to a jeweller for advice.

Consider An Inscription

You don't have to have an inscription on your engagement ring, and some people choose to save this for their wedding ring. However, it can also convey a heartfelt message to your loved one and have a great memory to look back on. Think of a short phrase or quote that explains how you feel about them or has special meaning to you. However, you could also simply get your names or initials, the date of your engagement or the date that you got together. If you're not sure what type of inscription you should get, how long it can be or how much inscribing costs, ask a jeweller.

By taking some time to choose a stone or combination of stones that your loved one will like, considering their comfort when choosing a band, and picking a meaningful inscription, you will be able to choose an engagement ring that will amaze and delight them. For more information about diamond engagement rings, speak with a jeweller.