4 Types of Generators Available for Hire

When the power goes out, businesses may suffer. For companies, reliable and continuous electricity is crucial in the smooth flow of operations that make the business thrive. In some cases, there might be severe damage that will take a long time to repair, which is why businesses end up hiring generators. There are also other circumstances where some temporary construction may be needed in an area with no permanent access to power. Hiring a generator will come in handy. If you are planning on maintaining your permanently installed generator or transporting perishable goods, you may need to hire a generator. Rental generators come in different shapes and sizes. Finding the appropriate one that will serve your needs best will require you to know the electrical you need, which fuel it uses and how long you will need it. Note the different types of generators you may find available for hire based on wattage.

Recreational Generators

These are small, basic generators and are used for residential purposes. Their power output can range from 800 – 3,000 watts and can be used if you are having a backyard party, going camping or experiencing a sudden blackout.

Emergency Generators

These generators produce between 3,000 – 5,000 watts of power and are used in residential or rural areas where power outages run for long periods of time. Additionally, maintenance specialists may delay in carrying out repair work due to the remoteness of the regions. Some of these areas may also be subjected to harsh weather conditions like storms that take out power lines. Emergency generators tend to be wired into your home's electrical system and have dedicated circuits which serve particular areas like heat and refrigeration and lights.

Professional Generators

These generators give out between 5,000 – 10,000 watts. They are mainly used for light industrial and construction works and where short-term power is needed. They can also be used in areas where there is no permanent access to power for a particular task and can further act as a backup for an existing power generator. Mostly, they will be portable and are towed or tracked to the work site.

Industrial Generators

These generators have an output of above 10,000 watts. They are considered giant generators and can be used to supply electricity to massive industrial and construction operations like factories. They can also be used in medical centres. Industrial generators are costly, and renting one out is your best choice to save on costs.

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