Three Practical Tips for Designing Vehicle Signage

Branding your commercial vehicle can be highly beneficial for your business. You can increase the popularity of your brand and general awareness by using the right signage. A well-branded vehicle can also help in building trust in your local area because the display will demonstrate that the business is established. In addition, you should remember that vehicle signage provides an inexpensive advertising method for small companies. If you are interested in using this type of display, you should consider the below design tips for ideal results.

Avoid Using Small Text

When designing your vehicle signage, you should choose the size of the text with care. If the font is too small, people will not be able to see your marketing message or your brand. It is important to remember that your vehicle will be in motion, so reading will be difficult. Large letters and logos will have more impact and guarantee good results. You should also ensure that the chosen font style is simple. Complex letters can be challenging to decipher on the road.

Limit the Information

You should not include too much information on your vehicle signage. It can be tempting to use all the available space to provide as much information as possible on your business. Unfortunately, this practice will have a detrimental effect. If there are too many details, potential customers will not be able to focus on the important message. Also, the clutter of graphics can be overwhelming when the vehicle is moving at high speeds. Ideally, you should only have the company name, the logo and your contact number. You can add your website and email address at the back of your vehicle if necessary.

Use Colour and Contrast

You should be bold when designing the perfect vehicle signage for your business. In simple terms, you should not let your commercial car or van blend in with the other vehicles on the road. If it does, you will not gain significant advertising advantages. You should use colours to attract more attention and stand out in your surroundings. You can use colours associated with your brand to leave a lasting impression. You should also take advantage of contrast in your design. For example, if you use very different colours for your background and your text, the information will stand out more. As a result, more people will be able to take in the details.

Finally, you should evaluate your vehicle design, dimensions and features and use the unique characteristics to enhance your branding.