Features of Smart Irrigation Systems

With advancements in technology, landscaping services have slowly evolved to incorporate automated and more efficient process. New products are now being developed to make better use of available water and to enable control from remote locations. Commercial landscape services can now install irrigation systems on business premises that they can monitor round the clock and adjust for any anomalies that they encounter.

More commercial properties are beginning to use smart irrigation systems that offer automation and efficient use of water. A commercial irrigation service can work with you to install smart irrigation systems that will yield much better results for your landscape. Here are some features of smart irrigation systems that make them truly stand out. 

Easy installation

Smart irrigation systems are quite easy to install. They come with clearly labeled components and an advanced design that simplifies previous irrigation systems. Some sprinkler products can even be installed in a brief 5-step process that will get your landscape on the path towards looking green and attractive.

A commercial irrigation service can provide you with several choices of irrigation systems that will offer the best fit for your landscape.

Design unique watering schedules

Smart irrigation systems get their name from their ability to be programmed remotely. This means that you can set customized watering schedules to your sprinkler systems.

If you want the grass (or other vegetation) to be watered during the afternoon hours only, you can set up that schedule within the control panel of the irrigation system. If you prefer watering to be done at night, you have that option available as well. Smart irrigation systems give you more control over your irrigation methods.

More efficient use of water

With water sustainability being a top commercial priority, smart irrigation systems allow you to use up to 50% less water when carrying out landscaping activities. This is possible because newer systems now use larger droplets when spraying water onto vegetation.

These larger droplets significantly reduce the amount of water that is wasted from overblown spray. In addition, the more efficient watering schedules that can be programmed further save on water consumption.

Control from a mobile application

Newer irrigation systems can now be controlled from a mobile application. These applications are accessible from smart phones, tablets, and other similar devices. They make it possible for a commercial irrigation service to track your water consumption, watering schedules and efficiency of the irrigation system as a whole. All your landscaping needs can now be monitored and attended to in real time.