Wheelchair lifts- an overlooked but integral component in improving the lives of the disabled

There is now a heightened sense of awareness with regards to the disabled community. Although facilities are now catering to the needs of this population to improve accessibility for wheelchair users, there are still many facilities which fail to do so. Where facilities present a barrier to wheelchair users, making it almost impossible for them to access them, wheelchair lifts help to raise the wheelchair occupant to safely overcome such a barrier. 

The Various Uses of Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair lifts are not just installed in businesses where it is difficult for wheelchair users to access vertical barriers. They are also increasingly being used in homes where a disability prevents an individual from going up stairs or raised vertical barriers. Wheelchair lifts make life easier and more functional for these users and help them feel independent in their day-to-day activities. Wheelchair lifts are also employed by vehicles to lift/hoist a disabled passenger safely onto the vehicle whilst they are still in their wheelchair. 

As it can be seen, wheelchair lifts have become an integral component of the community, wherein they assist many disabled individuals live their lives more freely. 

Variety of Wheelchair Lifts

As wheelchair lifts are used for so many purposes, there are also commercial and public-use wheelchair lifts available for purchase. Nowadays state-of-the-art platform lifts are specifically designed to be fitted into homes without the need for excessive modifications. These are now being fitted with a hydraulics system which works quietly to ensure that there are no noise issues, as other occupants also may also reside in the home. Furthermore these lifts are being designed according to the individual's taste and home interior. Wheelchair lifts for homes can be purchased in various colours, finishes and textures. 

Wheelchair lifts for public places such as schools, sporting clubs, train platforms, etc., have different features. These not only accommodate wheelchair users, but also those that use mobility scooters. These wheelchair lifts are larger to fit multiple wheelchairs at once and are equipped with advanced hydraulic drive systems that can easily be incorporated into new or existing buildings. 

In contrast, smaller, more compact wheelchair lifts are designed for vehicles. It must be taken into consideration that these wheelchair lifts differ with different models of vehicles.

This wide range of wheelchair lifts also allows adequate integration of the disabled community into today's society, which is important for both their psychological and physical health and well-being.