Balustrades — Choose Glass Over Other Materials Available

Whether you have a balcony, a raised deck or simply a staircase in your home, a balustrade is essential to ensure safety on your property. However, this does not mean that these structures should not contribute to the kerb appeal of your residence. Rather than choosing your balustrade materials solely based on practicality, you should think out of the box and select materials that will provide you additional advantages. The article below will explore the various reasons why homeowners should choose glass over other balustrade materials that are available in the market.

Glass provides incomparable visual appeal

Timber balustrades add a classic, traditional touch to your home, while steel balustrades are best suited to a contemporary theme. Glass, on the other hand, blends seamlessly with any décor, as it is an unobtrusive addition to your home. Therefore, if you are concerned about your balustrading detracting from your design choices, you should select glass over other popular materials. Moreover, the glass can be installed in tandem with other materials that strike your fancy, so you can still get a chance to personalise your balustrades according to your preferred style.

Glass provides stress-free cleaning

A concern many homeowners have about glass balustrading in their home is the amount of smudging the glass will be exposed to. Although this is a legitimate concern, especially if you have kids in the house, it is not a deal breaker when it comes to the superiority of glass when compared to the maintenance of other balustrade materials. Timber, for example, requires intensive care in the form of treating the wood, sealing it and performing minor repairs to prevent it from succumbing to degradation. Another popular balustrade material is wrought iron, but this would also need routine protection against moisture exposure so that it won't corrode. What keeps glass ahead of the competition is that it merely requires wiping with regular detergent to get rid of dirt and smudges. Invest in a microfiber cloth to ensure there are no streaks on the glass when you wipe the balustrades.

Glass provides natural light

No matter where you install your glass balustrades, be it indoors or outdoors, you can be assured that they will not obstruct the lighting. Therefore, you won't have to contend with dark shadows in your home, which can happen if the balustrades take up a considerable amount of space. An added benefit of this is that the glass balustrades will not make your home seem smaller, as they will not obstruct your sight line.