Design Trends to Update Your Concrete Flooring

People typically pay no mind to their exterior flooring as they are guaranteed that concrete supplies will provide them with long-lasting durability and resistance against weathering. Nevertheless, the exterior of your residence is the first contact that people have with your home. And if your flooring does not contribute to the kerb appeal of the property, chances it will detract from all the elements you have meticulously chosen to create visual interest around your home. Fortunately, you do not have to replace your concrete flooring to make it more stimulating. Here are design trends that you could deliberate on to update the appearance of your exterior concrete flooring. 


If you like the high-gloss appearance of materials such a marble, then polishing your concrete supplies will be a viable solution to boosting the aesthetics of your exterior flooring. To create this look, your concrete contractors will start by buffing the surface of the concrete flooring using a heavy-duty so that the surface is smooth and shiny. Contrary to popular belief, a waxy substance is not added to the concrete, so it does retain some of its tactile nature. You also have the flexibility to incorporate some colour during the buffing process so that your concrete flooring can match the dominant colour scheme of your home! The end result of this decorative trend is glossy floors that do not come with the disadvantage of being excessively slippery.

Acid staining

Homeowners that want to create a matte finish on their concrete flooring but would like to experiment with colours and patterns will find that acid staining is a technique that will be right up their alley. This decorative trend utilises a combination of metallic salts, acidic compounds and water to create unique and highly customizable designs on the surface of your concrete. Acid staining is especially recommended for people who have old concrete that has become significantly bland and want to save on the cost of replacing the concrete subflooring altogether. Another advantage of acid staining is that it is surprisingly maintenance free. Since the acid stain directly interacts with the pores in the concrete, you do not have to worry about it fading over time.


The principal reason why stamping is a highly popular technique for decorating concrete supplies is that it allows you the chance to completely change the appearance of your flooring in an attempt to mimic a different material altogether. Stamped concrete can be used to create a myriad of looks ranging from bricks, terra-cotta tile and even natural stone! This versatility makes stamped concrete highly suitable for homes with a specific style such as a Mediterranean themed residence.